Tuesday, June 19, 2012

 So we are now 6 marathons down now!!! Here we are at the end of The Lake Placid marathon which was our 6th of the 12in12in12. At least Craig was smart enough to do the #6 with his hands the right way for the picture!  But it was definitely a memorable marathon for the views as you can see from the pics below. 

The next couple pics are from the drive into Lake Placid.  This was another "in and out" marathon, meaning we arrived into Lake Placid at 8 on Saturday night, ran the marathon the next morning, and then were on the road back home by 1:30pm Sunday.

 Craig posing as an Olympic speed skater.  The race started right at the Olympic ice rink and outdoor speed skating oval, which was a pretty cool starting point.
 Right before the race.  The building to the right is actually Lake Placid High School.  Pretty cool place to be a teenager.

 Some pics from the course.  Bear statue holding the flag as the marathoners pass by.
 This was also a pic from the course.  The tall building are actually the Olympic ski jump ramps.  The pictures don't do them justice.  THEY ARE HUGE!!!!!  And you can see them from all over Lake Placid, looking like they are just growing out of the trees.  
 Craiger with the ski jump ramps, waaaaaaaayyyyyyy in the background.  Like I said, the pictures don't do them justice.
 I thought I would take a break a sit down around mile 23... ON THE WORLD'S LARGEST CHAIR!!!!!!
 Oh yeah, and I almost got eaten by a bear.  I "bearly" made it out of there alive.