Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marathon #11 of the 12in12in12in12

This month of November Craig and I completed marathon #11 which was the Harrisburg Marathon.   Not too much to say about it, we finished in 4:16ish which I think may have been our fastest one up to this point.  That's thank to our new marathon buddy Chuck, who you can see racing toward the finish in the below pic.

Chuck has been a machine.  His first marathon was Baltimore, our #10 in the 12in12in12in12 and he enjoyed it so much wanted to do Harrisburg too.  So after never having run one before October, he ran 2 in less than a month.  And he made sure we finished faster than his first one.  He's got the bug, and I'm psyched for him.
Here we are at the finish together
The marathon was well run, and the beginning scenery was pretty cool.  It started and finished at the minor league baseball stadium that sits on an island in the middle of the Susquehanna River and much of the race was along the river as you can see from the pic below
The rest of the marathon was forgettable.  That's not a typo, it wasn't that aesthetically pleasing.  Check out the pic below.  Some of those trucks were sitting idle, but the others were going right past us, diesel fumes and all.
All in all though, it was perfect for us because of how close it was and we had the chance to run with Chuck again.  We left early, around 5:45 and were home by 3.  Personally, it was also my 20th marathon which I didn't realize until editing this blog.  For the 12in12in12in12, 11 down, one to go.  Next up, Vegas baby, Vegas.