Sunday, March 11, 2012

This is a picture of my treadmill deck. I noticed recently it wasn't feeling right, too soft and saggy. So I called the treadmill company and a guy came out and said I had cracked the deck. This is what it looked like when he took it out. I destroyed that sucker. Is it proof I run too much???!!!
Anyway, they fixed it up and it looks all better as you can see above. I hope so, can't imagine not having the mill to run on in the mornings and catch up on soccer games I've missed

Pounded out some miles this weekend. Did 10 on Saturday and then thought I was doing 20 today, but mapped it on and it was only 19.25, which kind of stinks but I'll get over it. Didn't wear a watch but felt pretty good, and feel good tonight.

2 weeks until marathon #3 in Cape May, NJ. Looking forward to it, feels like forever since Myrtle Beach marathon.

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