Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marathon #2 complete!

Here we are at the finish of marathon #2, Myrtle Beach.

This marathon ended up being an adventure, that's for sure. The race went well, we paced ourselves and didn't kill ourselves, trying to ease through the first few marathons so as not to tax our bodies more than we have to.

However, it was before the marathon that didn't go as planned for me. The race was on Saturday, I had a flight booked for friday afternoon. But I couldn't get out of work so had to change the flight. Not to say I am cheap, but although I needed to change the flight I didn't want to transfer onto the later flight because it was going to cost $350 at first, then went up to over $600!!! They said I could wait until the day of the flight and I could transfer for $50. So I decided to gamble. I should know, gamblers always lose. I lost. Flight was booked.

So when I called Friday there were no flights. I drove to the airport, and instead of hopping on a plane, I rented a car and started driving at 3:35pm. I estimated around 10 hours, but didn't know I would get stuck in a 10 mile backup (yes 1o miles) right in Philly and then get to DC at prime time rush hour traffic. It was brutal. Worst drive of my life, I was tired and cranky for first half of it. But pounded some coffee with dinner, and then a Monster energy drink, which was awful, but must have done the trick. Because I got a second wind and felt wide awake for the rest of the trip. Arrived in Myrtle beach at 2:30am.

So went to sleep by 3am, woke up before my alarm at 4:56am. Ran 26.2 miles. Was back on a flight to Philadelphia at 3:24pm Saturday. Just a normal 24 hours.

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