Monday, February 13, 2012

One week to Marathon #2

Less than one week until marathon #2, not sure how it will go. The legs feel pretty good. Last Thursday, after school I ran 14 miles, which is my longest run in between Miami and this Saturday's race. I didn't bring a watch, but I felt like I ran pretty fast. Then ran 7 this weekend on Saturday. I will run a short run probably tomorrow, and then take off until Saturday.

I am stressing out a bit about Myrtle, but it has nothing to do with the running part. I have to go to school on Friday, and then take a later flight than what I expected. Meaning I don't get into Myrtle Beach until after 10pm. And the race is at 6:30am the next morning. Then we fly out at 3:30 saturday afternoon! What a quick weekend it will be.

Anyone checking this out who donated to my fundraising website for our school's scholarship fund, I am grateful. Anyone interested in checking out the fundraising page here it is:

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