Saturday, April 7, 2012

4 marathons down!

This weekend Craig and I completed our 4th marathon of 2012, in attempt of our 12in12in12. It was the Charlottesville, VA marathon. Nice and scenic, but not nice and hilly. Our first 3 marathons were pancake flat so this one was much different with the hills, but we got powered through at our nice easy pace and feel good afterward.

Here we are at the finish. It was a beautiful day, especially the second half of the race and afterward. The start was a bit cold. It was an early start, 6:30 am and it was in the 30's at that time. But once the sun came up it was great.
Oh, yeah, and like the last marathon, I wore jeans again! After the love I received from, my new favorite website, there was no way I wasn't going to race in denim again! My outfit was a bit different this time as you can see, I sported the jeans clam-diggers. I guess you could call them jorts. I heard a few people on course comment, "are those jorts?" Oh yeah, pretty sweet
Craig and I snuggling before the race to stay warm
Ok, so Craig took this perfect picture for me. The guy in the background is wearing pants, not jeans, but not what most people would run a marathon in. And on top, he has a collared shirt on! I had a to get him in the picture with me, nice camera work, Craig. Also, this was close to the end of the race so we finished together. Well, close to the guy, because about 50 yards from the finish line, this guy took off like Carl Lewis as if he was trying to win Olympic Gold! Craig and I just looked at each other, it was hilarious.

So, 4 down, 8 to go. Next marathon is the Delaware marathon on May 13th, so we have some time off until then.

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