Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break training

In between last week's Ocean Drive (jeans) marathon and next weekend's Charlottesville marathon had to do a little running, so while I was down at the beach for Spring Break mini-vaca I had the chance to run on the beach. It was nice day yesterday, a bit windy, but felt nice to run somewhere beautiful like on the beach. Ran for an hour and 20 minutes, dodging the waves as the tide came up. Felt a little naked in shorts after wearing jeans to run my last marathon. Maybe that is my next marathon outfit to outdo the jeans, my birthday suit??!!! Race officials didn't mind the jeans, but they may not be too psyched about me running naked!

After the run came home and laid on the deck in the sun, below is the view from the deck. So relaxing, and the warm sun felt awesome.
And Casey was out with me, as usual, licking the sweat off me. What a dog.

Charlottesville in 5 days. Not sure what I'm going to wear, maybe I'll go conventional running attire. But after my jeans outfit inspired by and all the love I got from my new friend Jill, my days of running in denim are DEFINITELY NOT OVER!!!

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  1. Found you through joggingjeans. Oh please, you have to continue the jeans trend. Maybe jeggings, jorts, denim overalls (both short and long and never a shirt underneath) - that's your next 5 races. Then I'm sure you can do variations to finish out the year, throwing a jeans vest in there. You will be an inspiration to many runners, or at least comic relief along the 26.2 route.