Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wed December 14, 2011

Ran 5 miles yesterday morning while watching the Chelsea v. Man City game. Went by fast because of the exciting game, although I wasn't happy to see Chelsea win.

Ran 6 this morning outside. It was pretty cold out, but I was pretty bundled up with hat and gloves and a couple layers on so I must admit it felt good. It is so apparent that I run faster while outside, without really meaning to. The same pace feels sooooo much faster and harder on the treadmill, not sure why.

Still not sure about the charity thing. Recent events at school have me thinking I should do something for the people close to the tragedy of two boys who died this week from getting hit by a car. Not sure what that would entail though, we could start a scholarship in their name. Not sure. I am waiting for the idea to present itself to me.

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