Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 x 400 at pace

This morning's run was an interval run, 10x400m at pace. I was beat waking up today because I was up late last night. I had to go down to Baker Street to finish painting, so was there after work until about 10:45pm, so didn't get home and to bed until about 11:30pm. For me that's late when I have to get up at 5am. The alarm went off and I contemplated staying in bed and pushing off the run but at 5:30 I finally dragged myself downstairs to the treadmill and did the run. Thank the gods for the treadmill, I would be lost without it.

So I warmed up for 5 minutes, then did my first 400 at 7:30 pace to warm up with some striders in there. Then did the next 400 at 9.0mph which is around 6:50 pace I think. I rested for 1 minute, then did each of the next eight 400's at one mph higher than the last one, so that by the end I was at 9.8mph (but I bumped the last one up to 10mph just to beast it). All were done with one minute of rest, and at 1% incline.

This weekend is our annual golf trip, but not going to Myrtle Beach, heading to AC. Not sure what my running schedule will be, I hope and expect Craig will want to run so that should motivate me to do something at least. We'll see.

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