Thursday, April 29, 2010

2 days, 23 hours and 27 minutes

This morning was an easy interval run, 3x800m at 5k pace. So I warmed up for ten minutes, then ran my first 800 at 6:40 pace with 400m breather. Next 800m at 6:27 pace with 400m breather. Last 5:56 pace 800m, all was done at 1% incline.

I did it all while watching Inter Milan pull the upset of the Champions League by advancing into the finals, where they will play Bayern Munich. Barcelona won the game 1-0 but Inter Milan advanced because of their 3-1 home win, winning on aggregate 3-2. It was great, I have lost some respect for Barcelona after all the diving they were doing throughout the past few rounds. Inter Milan had to play a man down after a defender was wrongly red-carded because of more dramatics by a Barca player. It gives soccer a bad name, hopefully it wont happen at the world cup this summer.

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