Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day!

Tax day today, and I haven't turned in anything. I wish I was a bit more organized, but the days go by so fast and all of a sudden, it's April.

Today's workout: 6x800 at 5k race pace. Not the easiest workout at 5am in the morning. I think I would feel a bit stronger a little later in the day, but hey, what am I going to do, that's the time I have. So for me, what's 5k race pace. I think my best 5k is a 20:20. I know I can do better than that if I trained for it, but I seem to always be focusing on a marathon to do with someone and don't take a 5k seriously. It would be nice to be under 20 though. Anyway, so for today I ran .5 miles EZ to warm-up, then started my first 800 at 9mph, around 6:40 and did each 800 one mph higher than the last, ending at 9.5mph, which is around 6:20 per mile. All of it was with 1% incline, which I usually do everything at.

Broad Street 2010 sub-7 per mile - "It is written"

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