Wednesday, April 21, 2010

45 min tempo and Philly Union pics

This morning was a 45 minute tempo run. Had a 40 minute tempo run last week and was fine with it, but this morning's run was much harder for some reason. Did 10 minutes EZ, then 23 minutes at 6:58 pace, last 2 minutes at 6:40. Should have ended with 10 more minutes of EZ jogging, but didn't have the time, so just cooled down jogging for a few minutes and then had to go, walk Casey and get going to work. I think my legs will welcome a taper next week before Broad Street.

Also found out that softball starts this weekend. Can't play our first game because of AC golf weekend on Sunday, but next game is Friday night before Broad street. That kind of sucks because I am usually sore after my first softball game because of all the sprinting, so I will have to take it easy that night. Or hope for rain.

Here are the pics of the Union game, enjoy fellas.

Before the game...and before tailgating. Ray looking gayer than ever
After the game, many coolies, burgers and sausages later. Tim taking over the gayness with a Ray wave. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Sounds like Mikey when he answers the phone when his wife calls.
BFF's. "Hey buddy, wanna play with my ball"
This is Matt, not OTIS or SITO. Matt is the organizer and leader of all things of this world.
Again, here is Matt taking charge of the tailgate, getting the food prepared and telling Craig "don't worry, I'll take care of everything."
Now, this is SITO. He is about to take a knife out and threaten someone who said the sausages were a bit over-cooked. Thankfully he has on sunglasses, because the look alone behind those glasses has been known to make a grown man pee his pants.
And I am sure you all guessed who the above picture is: OOOOOTTTTTTIIIIIIISSSSSSSS!!!!!!

OTIS just told a pornagraphic joke in the below picture. That's so OTIS.
Shout out to Mikey's Liverpool team, "You'll never walk alone..."
On our way into the game, that's Ray behind the cup if you couldn't tell from the police officer issued haircut.
The line behind us trying to get into the game because of the metal detectors in place for Vice Pres Biden
And the mass in front of us.
Action shots from the game

This is right after the game winning goal

Craig watching the game intently...
...and Scot watching intently, but really he is just staring off into space thinking about the matches he watched on WWE Friday night Raw the night before, oh and about Tim

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