Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Marathon race day

Today is the Boston Marathon, which I will admit I want to run someday, ("it is written") which means I have to qualify. Someday.

This weekend I had training runs for Broad Street, two fairly hard runs. On Saturday was a 6 miler at pace, which I ran at 6:50 pace. I did it on the treadmill with some good music pulling me through and sportscenter on the tube to watch. Not bad, hard but OK. I count through songs to get through the miles. I know that two songs is about a mile, so I know I have to get through 12 songs when I start. When I
get close to the end, I force myself not to look at the treadmill and just count the songs. So when I got to song ten, I said I wouldn't look down until song 12 was halfway through. When that happened, I looked down and I was at 6.25 miles, what a pleasant surprise!

Then yesterday was a long run. My training plan had a 12 miler, and then 13 the following weekend. But next weekend is our AC golf trip, so not sure if I will be able to do 13 on Sunday so I wanted to get a long one in yesterday. Plus, my plan doesn't have much of a taper, so I thought I would try to taper next weekend a bit so I feel fresh for Broad St. So I did what I thought would be around 14 miles. And then I went out an
d timed it in the car with the kids (they needed to get out of the house because Kai is sick and was whining) and it ended up being 13.4 miles. I did it in 105 minutes which is 7:50 pace. My legs were a bit sore because of Saturday's run. Not because it was so hard, but because I didn't eat anything significant after that run until 5:30 that night because I was painting Baker St all day.

Good luck to Bostoners.

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